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Beauty Instrument Control

Portable Diamond Microdermabrasion Dermabrasion Facial Skin Peeling Beauty Equipment

How can a better beauty skin care is always girls talk about the eternal topic, if you are still in order to understand a lot of skin care cream was sealed for the beauty of people and complacent, I can tell you, do not laugh, you have been outdated, Now many people are “beauty instrument control”, they can described all the high-tech beauty equipment,also placed a lot of beauty equipment at home. These beauty instruments not only skin effect is quick, but also save more time for the user, of course, compared to beauty salons, home use beauty equipment is more cost-effective and more convenient. If you are not enough understanding of high-tech beauty equipment, quickly fill the lesson, when a “beauty instrument control” (control, from the Japanese “コ ン (con)”, take complex (complex) of the first sound, that is people like something extremely).

The girls are the pursuit of beauty is endless, in order to meet the needs of the masses, manufacturers are creating a lot of beautiful thing which can make people become beauty, such as moisturizing, whitening skin care products, Lipstick, eye shadow and other make-up, often a new products come out, there is always a rush to buy, in addition to basic skin care products, now under the pursuit of worthy of high technology and beauty equipment.

If you have done facial care in the beauty salons should have a deep experience of professional beauty equipment, such as skin tester, can be clear and accurate display, analysis of your skin state; micro current care, can increase the skin basal layer of cells Permeability, and enhance the penetration of functional products, the transmission of cell information, accelerate cell renewal; blackheader, massage suction, make your nose become clean. Many people in the beauty salon to see those large-scale beauty equipment that these large volume, the price of expensive beauty equipment that is not suitable for home use, want to use their own face with high-tech probably only to the beauty salon, it is not , With the continuous improvement of technology, and now these large-scale equipment has been made like mobile phones and computer-like smaller and smaller, in addition to the appearance of small, easy to use, the most important thing is not expensive, all kinds of equipment prices are basically USD$50 – USD$1500, which is nothing more than a parity cream price, save money, everyone can afford. Also because of this, many girls has developed into a “beauty instrument control”. Of course, some people will worry about the side effects of beauty equipment, in general, appear in the beauty market, including beauty equipment, including sub-consulting instruments and operating instruments, consulting instruments do not have the actual beauty effect, it focuses on the use of technology comprehensive grasp of the skin condition of consumers to find out the reasons for the data or other way to show out, passed to the user, so that users can buy their own skin care products for their own, lack of water on the water, oil and more Control oil, septal time to detect once, so that their skin water and oil balance, this instrument does not exist side effects. And operational beauty equipment, there may be side effects, and the side effects of the reasons are generally the operator’s own problems, such as the operation is not standardized the instrument, and the machine itself is not.

Of course, high-tech beauty equipment it is only to help users achieve efficient beauty of auxiliary equipment only, does not mean you can ignore the usual basic skin care, because the skin every day need nutrition supply, skin care products can be given according to personal characteristics All kinds of nutrients, which is absolutely impossible to beauty equipment. And beauty equipment, after all, is not invasive medical beauty, it can not be the effect of plastic surgery as obvious, it is more to enhance the effect of skin care products and speed of skin care. The effect of these beauty equipment is to be used in the long-term use. Not like the kind of TV shopping at midnight to say that, with a time of the instrument, the skin problem is gone.

Post time: 03-03-2017


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