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The Disable People For Ultrasonic Skin Care Device

Beauty equipment can help people improve the skin and even physical, Ultrasonic skin care device is such one of the beauty instrument, it brings beauty, but this instrument is not suitable for all crowd for beauty, the disabled crowd as below.

-Pregnant women
Ultrasonic skin care device as a radioactive device, the radioactive on pregnant women have huge harm, especially for the baby in the abdomen. In general, the hospitals are strictly limit the number of ultrasound examinations of pregnant women, also based on this principle, so pregnant women to the safety of the baby, must not use this beauty instrument, a qualified mother more beautiful.





















-Sensitive skin people

Skin-sensitive people are not suitable for use of ultrasonic beauty instrument, these people in the use of ultrasonic beauty instrument is likely to cause allergic reactions, if you insist on use may play the opposite Role, not the effect of beauty, so pay attention for sensitive skin people,do not take your beauty to joke.

-The wounded crowd
Ultrasound radiation on the healing of wounds to a certain extent, It is not suitable for use of ultrasonic beauty instrument for the obvious wound crowd, which can choose to use after the wound healing, so the human body will be reduced to a minimum of injury.

-The diabetes crowd
Diabetes will lead to many functions of the human body down, ultrasonic radiation on these functions will also have an impact on the normal people,but these effects do not matter, and soon the body can repair.The diabetes repair this poor, Its function is not strong, may lead to further deterioration of the physical condition.

-Expect to high people
Here the expectation of the crowd refers to the hope that by simple one or several times to completely change their own people. The beauty instrument can do is fine-tuning, can not achieve a big change, so this expectation is too high, and there is no quick beauty, this is a long process. Expectation is too high can only lead to your disappointment. Expect to high crowd, the ultrasound beauty instrument speed less than its expectations, this crowd must be prohibited, otherwise it will lead to a series of problems.

Post time: 12-23-2016


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