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The Tips To Operate A Beauty Machine

1)Facial anti-wrinkles,Firming,Lifting
Operation of the face must be along the texture to go up. When you slide down the handle to light along the area. Then repeated, full face operation can be 40 minutes.

2)Eye bags,crow’s feet,Dark circles
Operation must pay attention to avoid the eye ball, according to the direction of the orbicularis oculi muscle, from inside light out to the outside, And handle down with gentlely sliding, two eyes about 30-40 minutes.

3)Eye care enhance,Looked up the pattern
Hand up pulling, the energy adjustment lower 1-2 level than the face, two eyes about 10-20 minutes.

4)Facial plastic
Operation can be based on the face around the size, symmetrical proportion of the contours of the face, the depth of the nasolabial follicles to contour shape. The operation method is the principle of muscle, from the inside to outside, the vertical pull on the mention, the whole face can be 40 minutes.

5)Limbs plastic,Weight loss
According to the shape of the limbs to carry out the body sculpture, operation method is sliding up and down, left and right swing, folding ring, respectively to do 40 minutes.

6)Waist, Abdomen, Back plastic
Slide up and down, left and right swing, folding circle, from the inside to the body carving plastic. Time is about 20-30 minutes.

Post time: 05-12-2017


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